Arch, Arch and away!

Foo : Hey, I just installed Arch and I can't connect to the internet.

Bar : Hey, my DE won't boot in Arch. Help, please.

FooBar : Man, I installed Arch and I can't find sudo. Will I die?

I wanted to put this up on Devrant but thought I'd write a bit to enlighten the wannabe Arch-ers. I have been recently getting a lot of messages asking me to help debug issues on Arch. As a fellow Linux and Arch user, I've always responded to most of the messages. But hey, there's a limit to it.

If you choose to begin your Linux adventures with Arch Linux after trying Ubuntu for a month, you're probably doing it wrong. If there's a solid reason why you think Arch is for you; awesome! Do it. You will learn new things. A lot of new things. But hey, what's the point in learning what arch-chroot does if you can't figure out what sudo is or what wpa_supplicant does?

Remember, when you decided to install Arch - you signed up for it. If you really want to get the feel of using Arch and not do all the hard work, try Antergos or Manjaro Linux. They are built on top of Arch Linux and they're kickass distros. You'll love it. Antergos is arch hiding behind a nice GUI installer ;)

Or better yet, start with a distro that comes with out-of-the-box support and get the feel of Linux before attempting to move to Arch. I've seen a lot of people switch back to Windows after trying to install Arch because some online guide said Arch was awesome, but never said it's not for beginners. I'd recommend Fedora any day because :

Also, please learn to use a search engine whenever you are stuck. It doesn't hurt to use it, does it? So stop asking, and start ~~googling!~~ duck-ing!. When you're confident that you've got your back, go ahead - fire up that live-USB and arch-chroot.