Sachin S. Kamath

I am a self-proclaimed command-line warrior and web ninja, who slays the bad folks (usually with a -9). I love security and forensics as much as I love Python.

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Directory Listing - Dangerous?

Post on Dangers of Directory listing, explained in a lucid and simple ma$

The Mandatory Hello World.

Hey there. If it was not evident from my landing page, I am Sachin S Kamath. To begin with, I am 19 years old and do a lot more than an engineering student should be doing in his/her age. I take pride in saying I am a gamer, cyber-security …

[Repost] Pwning an entire network using nmap

Originally posted on HackerSpace.

When every friend of mine was busy studying for the finals,only thing I could do was to think in what subjects I would flunk and how pathetically I would screw my GPA. Though I tried my best,only thing I was able to do was …