Getting fedstats-gsoc production ready

Getting fedstats-gsoc production ready

I have been working on a tool that generates the statistics of Fedora interns. When writing code and running it, I came across various errors. I thought blogging about it and keeping track of it will be a good idea for anyone who will be using it in the future. So here goes :

Q. What is this anyway ?

A : It is a CLI tool/script written in python that pulls data from datagrepper and generates graphs/output as per the users' requirement.

Q. What are it's features?

A: Take a look at the project on Github or Pagure.

Q. The program throws errors while running. What should I do? A: This program was tested on Fedora 23 and ran without any errors/warnings. However, each person has a different machine and errors might have crept in. To begin with, make sure your default Python compiler is 2.7 and not 3.0. This tool is not Python 3.* compatible (yet!). Also make sure your environment variables were set correctly. python --version should say Python 2.7.*. If you face an issue, please open an issue in the Issue Tracker of Pagure.

Q. Why are the SVG's generated blank / completely dark. A: You are using your default image viewer which probably doesn't support viewing of clickable SVG's. Try opening the SVG in a web browser and check if the problem persists. File an issue if you can't get it to work.

Q. The PNG image is black / blank. A: This is an issue with the installed packages. To overcome this issue, run pip install tinycss cssselect cairosvg. Try running the tool again and check if the problem persists. If at any point of time the gcc compiler fails with an error message of ffi.h not found, do sudo dnf install libffi-devel to solve the issue.

Q. The text generated is blank. A: You do not have fedora-meta installed. The tool does check for this in the startup and warns you. If you had not noted it, you need to do rpm -q python2-fedmsg-meta-fedora-infrastructure to check if fedmsg-meta is installed. If it says the package is not installed, you need to do sudo dnf install python2-fedmsg-meta-fedora-infrastructure to install the package. Run the tool again to check if the problem persists. (Shoutout to pingou and Ralph for helping me identify the issue)

I'll try to add in more as I develop code further. Let me know what you think of the tool in the comments below.

Suggestions/criticism welcome :)